Shishurakshak-children’s tonic


Product Name – Shishu Rakshak

Indication – Contain all growth factor (useful minerals) and prevent autism . Advisable for children with cold , cough , vomitting (excess milk) , diarhea , indigestion due to help to boost the immune system. Relieves teething pain, prevent mental weakness and protect child from common illness. good for lever and lungs. Has a sweet taste that children like. it is most effective if used daily.

Ingredients – Cow urine , Crystalline Sugar , Lemon extract and selected Herbs.

Direction – Infants up to 1 year old : 1 Teaspoon

1 year old and above : 2 Teaspoon

Use twice daily , morning and before bedtime, always dilute with water.






Shishurakshak-children’s tonic