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Gomata Nari Saubhagyavardhini (Nari Sanjivani)


Ayurveda recommends Saubhagyavardhini to promote Regular and healthy menstrual cycle and prevents other related menstrual problem. Such as weakness due to blood loss during periods, , Nervousness, Dizziness, Weakness of heart, Gassiness, Burning sensation of palm and feet , headache , Restlessness , Sleeplessness , and Pimples. It is generally good for reproductive health. Gomata Nari Saubhagyavardhini -This natural remedy helps to balance the hormones and promote normal functioning of sexual organs. It is a wonderful herbal product that gives relief in tiredness, headache, and feeling of discomfort, mood changes and backache etc.


Take 2 tsp  on an empty stomach with water in twice a day. Not to be taken by diabetics.

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  • 200 ml
Nari Sanjivani

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