Herbal Hair Tonic


Kesh Nikahr- Panchagavya Hair Tonic.



Product Name:

Kesh Nikhar – Hair Tonic


Formulated and manufactured to deal with the common hair problems like

  • dandruff and/or gray hair (caused by degenerative cells, stress, chemicals, pollution, physical imbalance or Demodex folliculorum).
  • hair loss
  • prevent premature graying of hair
  • baldness
  • oily or itchy scalp dandruff
  • generate healthy hair growth
  • promote hair strength

this completely herbal hair tonic is prepared based on Ayurvedic procedures keeping in with the ancient wisdom to be used in modern times.

Ingredients like filtered cow urine, soap nut, ajowan satt, camphor, hibiscus, amla etc enhances its efficacy and make it eco friendly product.

Importantly you contribute to save the precious indigenous breeds of cows by using these products. It can also be an excellent idea to gift someone you love and care for.

Suggested uses:

  • Apply the tonic after shampooing but when the hair and scalp are dry. For the area where there is hair loss or gray hair, gently part the hair and apply the tonic then release a small amount of the tonic, lightly smear the tonic using the tip of the finger to cover 1-2 square inches area of the scalp and repeat until all the affected area has been treated with the tonic.
  • After applying the tonic gently press with the palm but do not massage strongly. Leave the tonic on the scalp without immediately washing out. Do this 2 – 3 times a week. ( morning – before bedtime and when itching happens )
  • The tonic smell should become almost unnoticeable after about 15 – 20 minutes. If necessary or in case too much tonic has been applied and the smell persists, shampoo can be used after 30 minutes of treating.
  • For the best result, it should be used continuous for 2 – 3 months (use silicone – free mild shampoo only).

Pack Size:

  • 100 ml

Composition: (%)

Cow Urine गो मूत्र Cow Urine Q.S.
Bacopa ब्राह्मी Bacopa Monnieri 07.74
 False Daisy भृंगराज Eclipta Alba 07.74
Acacia शिकाकाई Acacia Concinna 20.650
Soap Nut अरीठा Sapindus Saponaria 20.650
Indian Gooseberry आमला Emblica Officinalis 12.906
Camphor कर्पूर Cinnamomum Camphora 03.871
Lovage अजवाईन Carum Copticum 01.910
Shoe Flower जासुद Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis 12.096
Henna महेंदी Lawsonia Inermis 03.871
Aloe Vera घृतकुमारी Aloe Vera 07.743
Herbal Hair Tonic

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