Herbal Face Pack


Tejasvini Face Pack (powder form) is an effective, herbal and natural cosmetic product with ingredients like Desi Cow’s Panchgavya and important herbs that deal with skin problems like acne, pimples etc.
Ingredients in Tejasvini Face pack as follows
Yellow mustered , Turmeric powder, Masur Dal, Sandal wood powder,Harad powder, Bach, Kapoor Kachari, Shatavari, Multani clay, Cow dung Juice, Nim leaves

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Tejasvini Face Pack Powder


The Tejasvini Face Pack Powder is an excellent solution to all kinds of problems like,

  • acne
  • pimples
  • dark spots
  • dark circles around the eyes

faced by modern working women or men.

This completely herbal product has ingredients that not just fights with the facial skin problems but also imparts natural glow and make the skin healthier.

Panchgabya used in the formulation of this vedic gift is an age old remedy to deal with the skin problems in India. Order now to get the benefits.

Suggested uses:

  • Make a paste with milk/rose-water/water. Apply it on the face and body. Leave it for 15 to 20 mins, wash thoroughly.

Pack Size:

  • 100 gm

Composition: (%)

Turmeric हल्दी Curcuma Longa 7.281
Yellow Mustard पिला सरसों Brassica Hirta 7.281
Lentil Pulse मसूर दाल Lens Culinaris 7.281
Sandalwood चंदन Santalum Alba 4.854
Chebulic Myrobalan हरीतकी Terminalia Chebula 4.854
Lime Silicate Calx कपूर कचहरी Hydechium Spicatum 2.427
Sweet Flag बछ Acorus Calamus 2.427
Powdered Talc सतावरी Asparagus Racemosus 2.427
Fullers Earth मुल्तानी मिटटी Attapulgite 48.543
Redball Of Clay सोनागेरू Redball Of Clay 9.708
Soap Nut अरीठा Sapindus Saponaria 0.485
Neem नीम Azadirachta Indica 2.427
Cow Dung Extract गोमय रस Cow Dung Extract Q.S.
Herbal Face Pack

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