Ghee Nasal Drops


Ingredients – made from pure Indian breed cow’s pure ghee (clarified butter).



Out of innumerable qualities and healing powers of Cow’s Ghee one of the most potent function of clarified butter produced from Indegenous breed of Indian cow is to use is Nasal drops. Such ghee has high Prana-Shakti. Many diseases above collar bones, including (but not limited to) nausea, sinus, ear drum, amnesia, migraine etc can be cured using this unique cow gift. Whatever be the disease, this ghee is to be used in nose only. A few drops of cow’s ghee when applied in the nostrils then nosebleed can be checked. If this is done twice in a day, then headache can be relieved.


● Temperature of the ghee should be little more than body temperature. Warm the ghee by keeping the bottle in warm water. Never expose it to direct flame.

● Put 2 drops in each nostrils, preferably in night before sleeping. Avoid pillow and drinking water for first 15 minutes. If water can not be avoided, drink warm water.

● After putting the drops, simply rub the nose from outside so that the ghee is smeared on the inner walls. Let it work on its own.

► Available in 15 ml bottle.

Ghee Nasal Drops

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