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It is first large ingredients of Chyavanprash. Its fruits is rich in vitamin- c and pectin. It is a tonic has a haematinic and useful in scurvy and jaundice prevents indigestion and control acidity as well as. It is a natural source of anti-ageing. It stops premature graying or hair loss, encourage nail and hair growth, improve eye sights, cleans the mouth and the intestine , also nourishes the teeth and bones.

Ingredients :

Aegle Marmrlos , Premna intergrifolia , Kesar , Bambusa arundinariam , Piper longum , Sugar , Honey , Adhotada Vasia + 30 natural Herbs.

Direction :

Adult 10 gm half tea spoon take with cow milk morning empty stomach and night before meal. child just half doses given above.



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