Balancing Tridosha- Body strength and stamina




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Narasimha Churna


This powder is good for 5 kinds of stomach pain Mahodar, Shul, Pandu , Halimak etc. Also cure 80 kinds of diseases due to imbalance of air, 40 kind of diseases due to bile imbalance , 20 kinds of diseases imbalance of mucus. if take for 1 month body skin glow and fortune increases. if take for two month then old person become young. if take for 6 months duration of life be like that of stars and moons. this the verdict of Rajmragank scripture.

Direction :

Two Teaspoon with one glass of cow milk (must) early morning.

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  • 300 gm


Compostion (Each 1 Kg.) : Shatawari-56.8g; Varahikand-71.2g; Sh.Bhallava-113.6g; Till Powder-56.8g; Sugar Candy Powder-248.5g; Cow Ghee-62.5g; Gaukshur-56.8g; Gudduchi Powder- 88.7g; Chitrak Mool 35.6g; Trikatu-28.4g; Honey-124.3g; Vidarikand-56.8g.

Balancing Tridosha- Body strength and stamina

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