Ark 200 ml


Product Name –  GO -Ark (Distilled Cow Urine)

Indication – Ayurveda recommends Go – Ark help to lower cholesterol level and reduce body fat. A gift of cow Urine is it ability to balance three doshas (Mucous, bile , Air ). It boots the immune system, serves as a complete detoxifier and as a health promoting anti-oxidant. It is also enhance brain power strength the heart while bringing your consciousness to a higher level of goodness. Generally it repair and regenerate damage tissue and cells. very effective in obesity , controlling cholestrol level, reducing stones , swelling and joint pains. Also cures respiratory problem. It is useful in all kind of children cough and other diseases. It Gives strength and energy. Also serves as an anti- Bacterial Agent. Go-Ark is prepared by boiling cow urine in an iron pot to which a vapor condensing device is attached . Benefit is achieved by using  long period. It can be give children and ladies without any harm. It is more effective when mixed with honey.

Direction – Take two tsp diluted in water and mix with honey to your taste on empty stomach once or twice a day.

Ingredients – Distilled cow urine.




Ark 200 ml