The Value of One Cow

Count yourself as lucky if you can appreciate the health benefit of cow products! Why so?

In the ancient Vedic scriptures it is said: “Ja tulsi Ghar Ghar auras gaya vaidya kabhu na aye” – “The house in which the tree tulsi and a cow resides, never visits the doctor.”

Ayurveda says one cow is enough to be completely healthy, because the cow’s milk cures all illness through a change of consciousness.

There are 5 main cow products: milk, melted butter (or Sanskrit “ghee”), kefir or yogurt, cow urine, and cow dung. Their impact on the human body is enormous, and the value of one cow is inestimable, but unfortunately, few people are privy to this information.

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Be Good Do Good Think Good Thoughts

Cow products are in the mode of goodness and can have a major influence on a person by purifying the five primary elements of his body and mind (follow our blog to learn how).

The ancient sages therefore impel us in shastras to get free from the influence of the modes of ignorance and passion by elevating ourselves to the mode of goodness and then pure goodness.

In goodness a person can realize himself, as well as, prevent and get rid of illnesses. In vedic terms, self-improvement and wellness all depend on the common principle of goodness.

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