Seeds of any kind are usually infested with fungus and other harmful bacterial spore which multiply upon getting favorable conditions such as hot and wet environment. These micro-organisms if left untreated will then after entering the soil they start penetrating the plant roots.

Such diseases are called as seed-borne diseases as they spread due to microbes infested seeds. Thus it is essential to culture the seed with appropriate bacteriostatic chemical before sowing the in the soil. Researchers have found out that the cows urine/gomutra of indigenous breed is an excellent bacteriostatic chemical and a wonderful fertilizer.

One may ask what is the advantage of using bacteriostatic seed-culturing agent when the scientists today have produced hard and effective bactericidal pesticides? The answer to this is that over use of such hard/man made chemical-

  • Renders the bacteria and other microbes resistant to the pesticide and they may turn into more harmful strains.
  • These chemicals permanently change the soils natural composition and make it acidic.
  • Gau-mutra being natural does not harm the texture and natural composition of soil in any way.
  • Being microbe-static in nature there is no danger of making more harmful resistant strains or demoniac strains of microbes.
Cow Urine Cultured Seeds

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