According to the Vaishnava philosophy, we are eternal souls born in the material world into a state of ignorance and are compelled to obey the law of karma. Our state of ignorance breeds disease and suffering and gets further compounded due to past karma (wrong actions in the past). So what can we do about it?

A yogi thinks, “Now that I have become contaminated by this material energy – let me purify myself.”

We have two basic problems: ignorance and past karma. The past karma can be mitigated by living in goodness and spiritual practice. But how can we overcome ignorance (avidya) and elevate our existence from the material modes of ignorance and passion to pure goodness on the spiritual platform?

The answer is Vidya, or knowledge for the spiritual good and material welfare of human society. Vidya is confidential knowledge of the ancient yoga paths, social sciences, 64 arts and medical sciences like Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda, we get sick because of 3 things:

1) overeating

2) uncleanliness and

3) anxiety and depression 

All metabolic disorders can be traced back to one of these three. Furthermore, the ignorance or avidya, that causes anxiety and depression, is caused by 3 things:

1) false identity of the body as the self

2) false sense of ownership of objects attached to the body and

3) false sense of happiness thinking sense gratification is the all-in-all.

To get out of this predicament, improve our health and make our life auspicious we need to first learn the amazing yoga secret of how to control our tongue.

The tongue does two things: it sends out vibrations of sound and it receives the tastes of food. Taste and sound vibrations are received by the tongue and ears and then transmitted to the brain.

The quality of what you say, hear, eat and think directly affects your state of mind or consciousness. When the mind is absorbed with sounds and tastes of pure goodness it becomes situated in pure goodness. It is that simple.

Speaking in pure goodness is the art of Krishna Katha. Glorification of the name, form, qualities,  pastimes, paraphernalia, associates and abode of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna is the essence of Krishna Katha in pure goodness.

Learning to eat in the mode of pure goodness begins with pure cow ghee (not the packaged ghee mixed with buffalo ghee and vegetable oil) and other cow products derived from pure cow’s milk (not the packaged milk mixed with buffalo milk).

There is only one way to control the taste faculties of the tongue – by preparing vegetarian foodstuffs cooked in ghee and then offering them to Lord Krishna with love. The result is what is known as prasadam or spiritualized food in pure goodness.

There are various types of Ayurvedic treatment: herbs, metals, precious stones – but crowning is the treatment of the products of the cow; it is the simplest and at the same time mysterious and mystical.
Everything, in which you add one of the five products of the cow,
rises to the level of goodness and when you offer your food in goodness to Lord Krishna it becomes transformed into pure goodness. 

The right combination of food and herbs with cow products and other auspicious elements improves human health and wellness in an astounding way. The same applies to the items that we use every day, and the state of the home: cleanliness in the house, the cleanliness of the dishes, the state of the atmosphere of the house, and so on.


Having learned to prepare food by mixing it with milk, melted butter, sour-milk products, using cow urine and using cow dung, and also learning to offer food to God with love and devotion, such a person will undoubtedly soon find happiness in life and know himself. is dedicated to your development of pure goodness on the path to spiritual bliss!

The Causes of Disease